Flocon is an Australian Owned Family Company with it’s Road Maintenance Equipment sold throughout the world.

Flocon has a vast range of manufactured equipment for the road rehabilitation and construction industry.

Equipment such as; Road Patching or Road Repair Units, Aggregate Spreaders and Bitumen Emulsion Sealing Units, 2400mm Wide Paving Units , Off Road Edge Repair Units, On Road Edge Repair Units, Drainage Trench Backfill Units, Pipeline Trench Backfill Units, Cement or Limil Spreading Units, Bitumen Emulsion Storage Tanks, Portable Bitumen Emulsion Sealing Units, Stanley Hydraulic Hand Held Tools 
and much more.

Flocons Road Maintenance Equipment can handle products such as; hotmix, coldmix or premix asphalts, aggregates and bitumen emulsions, cement, lime, soils and most quarry products.

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